Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

Wildland Weeds Articles
Title Issue
"Brushing Up" on Invasive Awareness Spring 2014
“ Meeting the Challenges of Invasive Non-native Plants” at the GA-EPPC 2009 Annual Meeting Winter 2009
“Do Florida a Favor – Trash the Air potato!” Summer-Fall 2011
18th Annual FLEPPC Symposium a Success! Fall 2003
2002 Privet Pull & Microstegium Massacre Spring 2003
5th International Weed Science Congress – Vancouver, BC, Canada: Its Relevance to Natural Areas Fall 2008
A Case of Mistaken Identity – Native and Exotic “Boston Ferns” and “Sword Ferns” Fall 2001
A Complete Listing of All Invasive Plants of Concern in the Southern Region Fall 2003
A Farewell to Ferriter Summer 2005
A Giant Reed Conundrum Spring 2007
A New Approach to Combat Invasive Species Summer 2005
A Note From the Library Winter 2001
A Note on “Growth Inhibition by Schinus terebinthifolius” Summer 2001
A Recipe for Success: Exotics Control and Native Plant Restoration on Givney Key, Matlacha Pass NWR Winter 2006
A Task Force is Born Fall 2005
Able Otter Teaches Kids to Nurture Nature — Save the Source! Summer 2010
Additional Report of Lygodium microphyllum Mats as a Potential Problem for Wildlife Winter 2006
Agave sisalana Perrine Summer 2002
Air Potato Eradication Project Winter 2003
Air Potato Roundup a Success Summer 2005
Air Potatoes Run Rampant Fall 2004
Air Ways Spring 1998
Alabama Invasive Plant Council List of Invasive Plants Winter 2006
ALIPC Update Summer-Fall 2012
Alternative Controls for Kudzu Fall 2008
An Explosion in Slow Motion: Tracking the Spread of Lygodium microphyllum in Florida Spring 2006
Analysis of D. bulbifera, the Invasive Air Potato (Abstract-1999 FLEPPC Symposium) Fall 1999
Another Invasive Vine Strangles North Carolina: Mile-a-minute vine (Persicaria perfoliata) Fall 2010
Ardisia japonica – Established and Spreading in the Wild in Florida Summer 2009
Are we Doomed to InFERNal Damnation Winter 1997
Are We On The Cusp of a Significantly Enhanced National Effort to Counter Bioinvasion? Spring 2001
Arundo the World in (at least) Eighty Ways Summer 1998
Ask the Experts Summer 2007
Bahia Grass (Paspalum notatum) Mis-Bahia-vin? Summer 1998
Battle in Bartram’s Hammock Summer 2008
Below Ground Competitive Strategies:The Root of the Melaleuca Problem in a South Florida Flatwoods Spring 2004
Best Books Fall 2003
Best Wishes Nancy Coile Fall 2002
Betsy Brabson – Coordinator, South Carolina Beach Vitex Task Force: A Vital Link in Making the Difference on the Carolina Coast Spring 2007
Biocontrol Down Under Summer 2001
Biological Control for Air Potato Has Arrived! Spring 2014
Boa Constrictors Breeding in Miami Park Summer 2006
Bones Wrapped in Lygodium microphyllum Rachis Suggest a Potential Problem for Wildlife Fall 2002
Book Review: Stormscaping - Landscaping to Minimize Wind Fall 2005
Botanical Gardens, Arboreta, and Invasive Exotic Plants Winter 1999
Brazilian Peppertree Seed Chalcid: Wasp Wages War on Widespread Weed Winter 2002
Broward County Parks Recover from Hurricane Wilma Summer 2006
Building Capacity for Exotic Pest Plant Species Education Summer 2008
Bureau of Invasive Plant Management Lygodium Strike Team Fall 2004
Bust This! Fall 1998
Caesar’s weed (Urena lobata) – An Invasive Exotic, or a Florida Native? Winter 1999
Can Prescribed Fire Save the Endangered Coastal Prairie Ecosystem from Chinese Tallow Invasion? Spring 1999
CEIPSC Spurs Federal Funding for Invasive Weed Control Summer 2007
Center for Invasive Species & Ecosystem Health Summer 2008
Central Florida Lygodium Strategy: A Regional Approach Spring 2006
Cerulean Flaxlily: An Invasive Plant in Highlands Hammock State Park Summer 2009
Chapter Updates Summer-Fall 2012
Chemicals and Invasive Weed Control Methods Spring 2009
Chinese Privet Control with Herbicide Foliar Sprays Summer 2005
Chinese privet, Ligustrum sinense: Prospects for Classical Biological Control in the Southeastern United States Summer 2000
City of Sanibel Air Potato Exchange Day Summer-Fall 2011
Clearing a Path Through Bottomland Hardwoods Using the Basal Bark Treatment Method Fall 2010
Cogon Grass Biocontrol Summer 1998
Cogongrass Awareness in Georgia Spring 2009
Cogongrass Management in South Carolina Winter 2008
Cogongrass Seed Production Across Alabama and Georgia Winter-Spring 2011
Cogongrass: An Increasing Threat to South Georgia Spring 2005
Comparing Our Weeds Spring 2007
Confronting Cogongrass Across the South Spring 2008
Congressional Staff Shown Invasive Plant Problems in South Florida Winter 1999
Control Invasives, Improve the Neighborhood and Reclaim the Park Spring 2003
Control of Cayratia japonica, Bushkiller, in an Urban Habitat in Charlotte, NC Winter-Spring 2012
Control of Regrowth from Air Potato (Dioscorea bulbifera L.) Bulbils Summer 2003
Controlling Tall Fescue, Common Bermuda, and Bahia Grass Summer 2001
Cool Photos Summer 2008
Cool Stuff on Kudzu Fall 2005
Cost Comparison of Melaleuca Treatment Methods Spring 2004
Cover Winter 1999
Cover Fall 1998
Cover Winter 1998
Cover Spring 1999
Cover Fall 1999
Cover Summer 1999
Creative Project Combination Extends Grant Value Fall 2002
Cultivating Non-Native Plants in Florida for Biomass Production: Hope or Harm? Fall 2009
Damn the Torpedograss! Fall 2001
Deciphering Nativity in the Botanical World Winter-Spring 2012
Deerfield Beach Goes Native Fall 2008
Detecting Invasive Exotic Plants Summer 2003
Diagnosis: Dioscorea Winter 1998
Dial M for Melaleuca Spring 1998
Direct Costs Associated with Invasive Non-Native Plants in Tennessee Summer-Fall 2012
Dispersal, reproduction and physiological ecology of two invasive non-indigenous fern species, Lygodium microphyllum and Lygodium japonicum Fall 2001
Disposing of Landscape Material to Reduce Its Distribution into the Landscape Spring 2002
Dr. Larry R. Nelson (1949-2006) Winter 2006
Dry Tortugas National Park Winter 2001
Early Records and Recollections of the Florida EPPC Plant List Committee Fall 2007
Ecological Consequences of Latherleaf (Colubrina asiatica) in Southern Florida Winter 1997
EDDMapS – Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System for the Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council Fall 2007
Editor’s Note Spring 2004
Editor’s Note Summer 2005
Editor’s Note Spring 2005
Editorial Winter 1997
Editor's Note Spring 1999
Editor's Note Summer 1999
Editor's Note Winter 1998
Editor's Note Winter 1999
Editor's Note Fall 2006
EPPC Forum, NAEPPC MOU, and Annual Meeting Spring 2003
Errata Spring 2007
Errata Table for “Chinese Privet Control with Herbicide Foliar Sprays” Fall 2005
Evaluating Monitoring Techniques Proposed for Use by FWS Regional Invasive Species Strike Teams: Wedelia EDRR, J.N. “Ding” Darling NWR, Sanibel, Florida Winter 2007
Evaluation of Foliar Application Herbicides for Control of Christmas Senna Winter 2003
Evaluation of Herbicides to Control Carrotwood (Cupaniopsis anacardiodes) and Response Time of Herbicide Application After Felling Spring 2002
Evaluation of Three Glyphosate Products for Controlling Adventitious Sprouting of Melaleuca and Brazilian Pepper Tree Stumps Fall 2002
Evil Weevils Spring 2005
Executive Order - Invasive Species Fall 1999
Exotic Guavas in Florida: So Delicious but – Summer 2000
Exotic Plant Management through the Seasons at Great Smoky Mountains National Park Summer 2003
Exotic Plants Pose Serious Threat to City’s Parks and Greenways Fall 2004
Exotic South American Snail Occurs in Florida Waters Spring 2005
Exotic Species Threaten Rare Ferns in Miami-Dade County Summer 2004
Exotic Weeds that Threaten the Caribbean: A Brief Overview and Early Alarm Call Spring 2000
Explore your AlterNatives: A Plant Substitution Guide for South Florida Fall 2003
Fall 2004 cover Fall 2004
Fall 2005 cover Fall 2005
Fall 2006 cover Fall 2006
Fall 2007 cover Fall 2007
Fall 2008 cover Fall 2008
Family Forest Owners Appraise the Effectiveness and Value of Wildland Weeds Control Methods Fall 2009
Fatal Interactions? Winter 1998
Fifth Annual SE-EPPC Symposium Fall 2003
First Regional Workshop held on Managing Terrestrial Plant Invasions in the Temperate South Fall 2003
Flagler Beach Residents Prepared to Fight Back Fall 2010
Flame Vine (Pyrostegia venusta): An invasive plant of mature scrub and potentially other natural habitats in Florida Fall 2005
FLEPPC & SE-EPPC in 2004 Summer 2004
FLEPPC 2005 List of Invasive Species Summer 2005
FLEPPC 25th Annual Symposium; FISP Formalized Spring 2010
FLEPPC Board Gets Down and Dirty Winter 2003
FLEPPC Education Grant Enables Nature Coast Envirothon Spring 2003
FLEPPC Member and Advocate of the Year Awards Summer 2004
FLEPPC Photo Contest Winners Summer 2006
FLEPPC Pops up at Spring Garden Festival Summer 2004
FLEPPC Research Grant Competition Update Fall 2001
FLEPPC Springs up at the TBWG’s Spring Expo Trade Show Summer 2003
FLEPPC Symposium a Smash Hit! Summer 2007
FLEPPC Update Summer-Fall 2012
FLEPPC, FISP & CISMAs Summer-Fall 2011
FLEPPC’s Kathy Craddock Burks Education and Outreach Grant Program Summer-Fall 2012
Florida Department of Transportation Adopts Voluntary Codes of Conduct Winter 2008
Florida EPPC 2001 Symposium – “Weeds in La Florida” Winter 2001
Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s 2003 List of Invasive Species Fall 2003
Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s 2007 List of Invasive Plant Species Fall 2007
Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s 2009 List of Invasive Plant Species Fall 2009
Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s 2011 List of Invasive Plant Species Summer-Fall 2011
Florida Invasive Plant Teams Win National Conservation Award Summer 2007
Florida’s Exotic Plant Godfather Heads West Fall 2001
FNGA Urges Florida’s Nursery & Landscape Industry to Phase Out 34 Invasive Plants Fall 2001
For the Record: Florida Exotic Pest Plant Database Spring 2002
Foreign Exploration for Biological Control Agents Fall 2006
Fountaingrass – a Dry Region Threat Fall 1998
From Crop to Weed – Natalgrass in Florida Summer 2009
From the FLEPPC Chair Fall 2007
GA-EPPC Summer-Fall 2012
GA-EPPC 2008 Annual Meeting Informative and Productive Winter 2008
Gainesville’s Great Air Potato Round Up Fall 2006
Genetic variation within Melaleuca quinquenervia in Florida, and its effect on performance of biological control insects Fall 2001
Georgia EPPC Events Highlight Emerging Threats Fall 2005
Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council List of Non-native Invasive Plants in Georgia Fall 2006
Getting Private Landowners Involved in Invasive Species Management: A Nature Conservancy Pilot Project Winter 2002
Givney Key Native Plant Survival: One Year Monitoring Update Winter 2007
Glove Selection for Working with Pesticides Summer 2008
Go, TAME! Summer 2006
GPS and Surveying of Weed Populations: Equipment and Costs Spring 2000
Great Air Potato Roundup Great for Gainesville Spring 2008
Grows Just About Anywhere! Spring 2010
Haines Island Park Project Summer-Fall 2012
Hawaiian Plant Threatens South Carolina Dunes Summer 2004
Headway on Capitol Hill Against Invasive Species Summer 2005
Herbicide Advice for Homeowners Fall 2003
Herbicide Screening Results for Two Common Exotic Grass Species in Florida Summer 2000
How to Avoid Drift in Natural Area Herbicide Applications Spring 2010
Hurricanes Help Fight Invasive Trees Summer 2006
Idaho Invasive Species News Winter 2008
If You Cut It, Will They Come? Plant and Animal Community Response to Chinese Privet Removal Summer-Fall 2011
Important Progress on the Lygodium microphyllum Biological Control Program Summer 2004
In Memorium: Mark Conrad Zeller Spring 2005
In Memorium: Paul C. Myers Winter 2004
In Memory - Kathleen Craddock Burks Fall 2006
In Memory of Philip Myers Summer 2006
In Memory of Randel F. Poppel Summer 2003
In Memory: Thomas "Tim" McClure Fall 2008
Inaugural Conference of the National Association of Exotic Pest Plant Councils and the 35th Annual Natural Areas Conference Winter 2008
Inaugural Meeting of National Invasive Species Council Fall 1999
Index to Wildland Weeds Winter 2004
Index to Wildland Weeds: Winter 2004-Winter 2006 Spring 2007
Indian Jujube (Ziziphus mauritiana): A Weed to Watch in Florida Pastures Summer 2008
Internodes Summer 2008
Internodes Fall 2008
Internodes Winter 2008
Internodes Winter 2007
Internodes Spring 2008
Internodes Fall 2007
Internodes Summer 2007
Internodes Spring 2007
Internodes Winter 2006
Internodes Fall 2006
Internodes Summer 2006
Internodes Spring 2006
Internodes Fall 2005
Internodes Winter 2005
Internodes Fall 2004
Internodes Summer 2004
Internodes Spring 2005
Internodes Winter 2004
Internodes Summer 2005
Internodes Summer 2003
Internodes Spring 2003
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Internodes Fall 2002
Internodes Fall 2003
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Internodes Spring 2004
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Internodes Spring 1998
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Internodes Winter 2000
Internodes Fall 2000
Internodes Spring 2000
Internodes Winter 1999
Internodes Summer 2000
Internodes Winter 2001
Internodes Fall 2001
Internodes Spring 2001
Internodes Spring 2002
Internodes Summer 2002
INVADER S! Traveling Trunks Summer-Fall 2011
Invasive Exotic Pest Plants in Tennessee – 2009 Winter 2009
Invasive Exotics Affect Park Utilization Summer 2004
Invasive Plant Education at Archbold Biological Station Spring 2004
Invasive Plant Lists and Assessments – A Brief Introduction Summer 2005
Invasive Plant Lists of the Southeast: A Primer Fall 2005
Invasive Plant Pest Species of South Carolina – SC-EPPC 2008 List Update Spring 2008
Invasive Plants Know No Boundaries Winter-Spring 2012
Invasive Plants: Global Issues, Local Challenges Spring 2003
Invasive Potential of Smooth Rattlebox in Southeast Florida Spring 2010
Invasive Species and the 2007 Farm Bill Summer 2007
Invasive Species and the Conservation Community Fall 2000
Invasive Species Community of Practice Winter-Spring 2012
Invasive Species Management Tour: Lower Coastal Plain Habitat Restoration Winter 2004
Invasive Species Plant Lists Spring 2014
Invasive Species, Coming to America Winter 2001
IPINAMS and EMAPI 7 Conference: A Report Spring 2004
Iris pseudacorus in Jackson County, Florida Fall 2005
Is Cogon Grass Really an Exotic? Summer 1998
Is Glyphosate Use Responsible for Global Decline in Amphibians? Summer 2006
It Went Up Like Tinder! Spring 2010
It’s in the Bag Fall 2009
It’s Official – Wild Sugarcane (Saccharum spontaneum (L.), Another New Invasive Plant for Florida Summer 2009 – Reporting and Tracking Invasive Species in Florida Summer 2010
Japanese Climbing Fern - No Problema? Think Again. Winter 1998
Japanese Climbing Fern Control Trials In Planted Pine Summer 2004
Japanese Climbing Fern: The Insidious “Other” Lygodium Spring 2006
Japanese stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum) Identification and Management Winter 2002
Just Who is Daniel W. Clark? Summer 2005
Kentucky Celebrates Invasive Plant Awareness Month Winter 2009
Kentucky EPPC Trains Forestry Personnel Winter 2005
Kudzilla the Kudzu Warrior Fall 2008
Kudzu Bug Summer-Fall 2012
KY-EPPC Update Summer-Fall 2012
Lake Como Co-op Supports the FLEPPC Mission Winter 2007
Layer Elementary Goes Native to Help Restore Our Wetland Backyard: The Spring Hammock Preserve Winter-Spring 2011
Legislative Update Summer 2004
Letter from the President of the Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council Winter 2002
Letter to the Editor Winter 2004
Letter to the Editor Spring 2005
Letter to the Editor Winter 2000
Lettuce Lake Park Invasive Species Display Winter 2008
Linking Ecology and Horticulture to Prevent Plant Invasions: An Introduction to the St. Louis Declaration and the Codes of Conduct Winter 2002
Little Pine Island Marks Ten Years of Wetland Restoration Summer 2007
Lonicera maackii Tackled by Nashville’s Metro Parks and Recreation Department and Vanderbilt University Fall 2003
Loosely Logical, Factually Fractured, Possibly Plausible, Totally Irrelevant Random Factoids, Trivial Tidbits, Jogged Memories, Remembered Reminiscences and Raw Recollections About the “Very Earliest History of EPPC” Spring 2007
Lygodium in Florida Spring 2006
Lygodium Infestations in the Lake Wales Ridge Summer 2004
Lygodium Research in Progress Spring 2006
Lygodium with Teeth Spring 2005
Majority Threatened Summer 2004
Making the Most of the Plentiful Kudzu Summer 2006
Managing Invasive Species in the Face of Natural Disaster: Obstacles and Opportunities Winter 2006
Meet the Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council Winter 2005
Meeting Notes FL EPPC's 17th Annual Symposium Winter 2002
Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings Summer 2006
Melaleuca as an Allergen: Setting the Record Straight Spring 2004
Melapaleuza 2005 Rocked! Summer 2005
Memorial Created to Kathy Craddock Burks (1946 – 2006) Fall 2008
Merry Christmas Senna Winter 2003
Mexican Bluebell (Ruellia tweediana Griseb.) A Pretty Invasive Weed Spring 2002
Mexican-petunia (Ruellia simplex) Invasions: Management Challenges and Research Opportunities Spring 2014
Monitoring Ground Treatments of Old World Climbing Fern (Lygodium microphyllum) on the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge: A Follow-up Report Winter 2006
Monitoring Ground Treatments of Old World Climbing Fern on the A.R.M. Loxahatchee NWR Spring 2003
Monster Machines photo montage Winter 2005
More Australians Barge In Spring 1998
More on Phyllanthus Fall 2010
MS-EPPC Cogongrass Symposium Summer 2003
MSEPPC Program: Effects of Hurricanes on Invasive Species Winter 2006
NAEPPC Meeting at NAA Spring 2001
NAEPPC Meets at Natural Areas Association Conference Spring 2000
NAEPPC: Past and Present Winter-Spring 2011
National Association of Exotic Pest Plant Councils – Update 2004 Winter 2004
National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week IV Summer 2003
National Park Service Exotic Plant Management Teams Invade the Southeast Fall 2004
Natural Microsponge Trial on Hydrilla Fall 2008
NC EPPC Update Summer-Fall 2012
NC-EPPC Update Summer-Fall 2011
New Candidate for Biological Control of Brazilian Peppertree? Spring 2010
New FLEPPC Board Members Summer 2006
New Florida Legislation Fall 2002
New Invader Profile: Japanese Chaff Flower – Achyranthes japonica Summer-Fall 2011
New President of SE-EPPC and New Chair of FL-EPPC Fall 2008
New Quarantine Facility Takes Flight Summer 2005
New Zealand – A Weedy Paradise Winter 2000
News from NC EPPC Spring 2010
Nomenclature changes affecting some well-known plants in Florida Fall 1998
Non-native Invasive Plants and Real Estate Values: The Search for New Opportunities to Address Invasive Species Problems Winter 2009
Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests: A Field Guide for Identification and Control Fall 2003
Non-Native Species at Medieval Castles as Cultural Heritage Winter 2000
Non-Native Wisteria Control with Herbicides Winter 2006
North Carolina EPPC Really Exists Fall 2002
North Carolina EPPC Reports Spring 2008
North Carolina Invasive Weeds Awareness Week Summer-Fall 2012
Notes from the Disturbed Edge Winter 2004
Notes from the Disturbed Edge - Ch. 10 Winter 2003
Notes from the Disturbed Edge - Ch. 11 Spring 2004
Notes from the Disturbed Edge - Ch. 12 Summer 2004
Notes from the Disturbed Edge - Ch. 13 Fall 2004
Notes from the Disturbed Edge - Ch. 5 Summer 2002
Notes From the Disturbed Edge - Ch. 6 Winter 2002
Notes from the Disturbed Edge - Ch. 7 Spring 2003
Notes from the Disturbed Edge - Ch. 8 Summer 2003
Notes from the Disturbed Edge - Ch. 9 Fall 2003
Notes From the Disturbed Edge – Chapter 1 Summer 2001
Notes From the Disturbed Edge – Chapter 2 Fall 2001
Notes From the Disturbed Edge – Chapter 3 Winter 2001
Notes From the Disturbed Edge – Chapter 4 Spring 2002
Notes from the Lygodium Research Review Meeting Fall 2004
Observations Concerning the Spread of Non-native Plants in the Wake of Hurricane Events Winter 2006
Observations from the Cogongrass Conference: Implications for Research, Management and Control Spring 2008
Old World Climbing Fern – Hitting South Florida Below the Belt Winter 1997
One Man’s Weed…is Another Man’s Treasure! Winter 2003
Operation Miconia: Partnerships as a Pest Control Device Summer 1999
Opinion Spring 2001
Opinion – I Don’t Like Picking Up Hitchhikers Spring 1999
Opinion: Clyde Butcher: Knee-deep in the Big Picture Fall 1998
Opinion: Damn the Torpedos! Summer 1998
Opinion: River of Weeds? Fall 1999
Origin of Air Potato Identified Winter 2003
Palm Beach County Ordinance Helps Residents Fight Invasive Plants Summer 2005
Pampas Grass: Alarming Observations in Southwest Alabama Winter-Spring 2011
Partnerships Take Pride Fall 2000
People-Powered Projects: National Cooperative Weed Management Area Conference Summer 2008
Pest Plant Packets for Lake People Winter 2003
Phragmites australis (Common Reed), A Looming Threat to Florida Wetlands Spring 2009
Phyllanthus fluitans Benth. (Euphorbiaceae) A Newly Reported Invasive Species In Florida Fall 2010
Pine Rockland Restoration in South Florida Winter 2005
Postcards from FLEPPC Summer 2008
Postcards from Paradise Winter 1997
Postcards from Paradise – The Cane Grasses Summer 1998
Postcards from Paradise: Mahoe: Native or Exotic or Both? Fall 1998
Postcards from Paradise: Separated Lovers and the Beach Naupaka Spring 1998
Potential Spread of Lygodium microphyllum Spores by Herbicide Applicators Spring 2006
Precision Pulling: Federal Invasive Plant Research Lab Helps Broward County Remove Invasive Ferns Spring 2014
Predicting the potential distribution of a plant invader: integrating field studies and climate matching approaches Fall 2001
Preventing the Introduction of Potential Weeds as Ornamental Plants in Australia Spring 2001
Proper uses of FLEPPC's List of Invasive Species Summer 2002
Psidium cattleianum, Deliciously Dangerous in Hawaii Summer 2000
Public Unawareness of Biological Invasions by Plants Spring 1999
Putting a Stop to the Cat-claw Vine Infestation in Gainesville Summer 2005
Q and A Fall 2003
Q&A With Great Results Winter 2003
Ranking System Aids Land Managers in Control of Invasive Species Summer 2003
Recent Activities in the Southeast EPPC Fall 2003
Reconciling Plant Introduction and Conservation at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Winter 2009
Remote Infestations of Lygodium microphyllum: A Case Study at Everglades National Park Spring 2006
Removal of Non-Native Plants from John Williams Park in Hollywood, Florida Winter 2007
Reporting Invasive Species on Your Smartphone Winter-Spring 2011
Request for Samples of Lygodium microphyllum Fall 2008
Resolution of the Southern Association of State Departments of Agriculture (SASDA) Spring 2003
Review: Weeds Across Borders 2010 Summer 2010
Right Plant, Wrong Place Fall 1999
Río de Hierba, Estilo Cubano Spring 2007
Salvinia molesta – A Giant Among Noxious Weeds Summer 1999
SAMAB Hosts Workshop on the Prevention and Early Detection of Invasive Plants Spring 2008
Sanibel Island Schinus: terribleitsbeenforus Fall 1998
SC-EPPC Invasive Plant Pest Species List 2011 Summer-Fall 2011
SC-EPPC Update Summer-Fall 2012
Schefflera on the Loose in South Florida Spring 1998
SE-EPPC Annual Symposium Grows into a Conference Fall 2005
SE-EPPC Chapter Updates Summer 2010
SE-EPPC Grant Project Wrap Ups Spring 2014
SE-EPPC Meeting Notes Summer 2002
SE-EPPC News Summer 2001
SE-EPPC Organizational Summary; A Special Recognition Spring 2003
SE-EPPC President’s Message Spring 2000
SE-EPPC Update Summer-Fall 2012
SE-EPPC Update: SE-EPPC Hires Invasive Species Specialist Summer-Fall 2011
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Weed Programmes Winter 2004
Silent Invaders: Summer Plant Camp (for teachers only) Fall 2007
Silver Linings Fall 2006
Skunk Vine: Stinking Up Florida Winter 1998
Small and Big Measures of Success – A Nice Surprise Winter 2009
So Long, Florida Weed Men Summer-Fall 2012
Socio-Economic Impacts of Controlling Melaleuca in South Florida Fall 2006
Solving the Melaleuca Problem Spring 2008
Something wicked this way comes… A Shakespearean perspective on exotic pest plants Summer 2004
Southeast EPPC Update Winter 2002
Southeast EPPC Update Fall 2002
Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council – President’s Message Winter 1999
Spring 2004 cover Spring 2004
Spring 2005 cover Spring 2005
Spring 2006 cover Spring 2006
Spring 2007 cover Spring 2007
Spring 2008 cover Spring 2008
Status and Impacts of the Melaleuca Biological Control Program Spring 2004
Storm Damage Synopsis Winter 2004
Strategic Planning for SE-EPPC Fall 2005
Strategies for Early Detection, Reporting, and Monitoring of Invasive Plants Fall 1999
Strengthening Grassroots Partnerships: Summer 2011 Survey Results Winter-Spring 2012
Student Journalists Learn About Invasive Species Summer 2010
Students Tackle Invasive Plants with Help of FLEPPC Grant Summer-Fall 2011
summer 2004 cover Summer 2004
Summer 2005 cover Summer 2005
Summer 2006 cover Summer 2006
Summer 2007 cover Summer 2007
Summer 2008 cover Summer 2008
Taking Down Climbing Fern–Biological Control of Lygodium microphyllum Spring 2006
Tamarisky Business Fall 1999
TAME Melaleuca Spring 2004
Tame Your Exotic Side – Plant Native! Spring 2010
Tennessee Exotic Pest Plant Council’s Invasive Exotic Pest Plants List for 2004 Fall 2004
Tennessee’s Native Plant Alternatives to Exotic Invasives: A Garden & Landscape Guide Winter 2008
The 3rd Annual Great Air Potato Roundup Fall 2002
The Asheville Bittersweet Sweep Summer 2003
The Calusa Lakes Community Brazilian Pepper Busting Initiative Fall 2009
The City of Greenacres – A good place to live Winter 2005
The Double-Trouble Ferns: Status Surveys of Lygodium Treatment Sites Spring 2006
The effect of Lygodium microphyllum on wildlife forage and predation in South Florida Taxodium Swamps Fall 2001
The Efficacy of Repeated Herbicide Applications on the Control of Guineagrass (Panicum maximum) at Caloosahatchee Regional Park, Lee County Florida Spring 2014
The Florida Invasive Species Partnership (FISP) Winter 2008
The Genus Jasminum in Florida Winter 2000
The Grand Dame of the Everglades Fall 1998
The Great Air Potato Round Up Summer 2000
The History of Tung Oil Winter 2005
The IFAS Assessment of Nonnative Plants in Natural Areas of Florida: Florida’s Land Grant College Answer to Plant Use Recommendations and Invasive Characteristics Summer-Fall 2012
The National Association of Exotic Pest Plant Councils Plenary Presentation by President Tony Pernas Winter 2008
The Newly Established Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council Summer 1999
The Poisoning of Toomer’s Oaks at Auburn University Winter-Spring 2011
The Power of Partnerships – Island Style Spring 2005
The Queensland Umbrella Tree Spring 1998
The Southeast EPPC Invasive Plant Mapping Project Fall 2006
The Story Behind the IFAS Assessment of Non-Native Plants in Florida’s Natural Areas Fall 2000
The tragedy of the commons revisited: Invasive Species Winter 2005
Tide Turns in War on Melaleuca Summer 2003
TN EPPC Update Summer-Fall 2012
TN-EPPC Turns 10! Fall 2004
To Introduce or Not To Introduce Winter 1997
Torpedograss – Forage Gone Wild Summer 1998
Tough Habit to Break Summer 2009
Tropical Soda Apple Spring 2008
Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season Winter 2004
Tussock Paspalum: A New Invader in the Coastal Plain Spring 2010
UConn Efforts Help Curb Spread of Invasive Plants in State Spring 2009
Under the Radar? Ficaria verna Quietly Naturalizing in the Southeast Spring 2014
Update on Lumnitzera racemosa Winter-Spring 2011
Updates on the Cogongrass Front Fall 2008
Upland Invasive Plant Management Program Summer 2007
USDA APHIS Proposed Rule Published in Federal Register — Not Authorized Pending Plant Risk Analysis (NAPPRA) or Q-37 Fall 2009
Use of Milestone Herbicide to Target Invasive Skunk Vine Spring 2014
Using Google Alerts for Early Detection of Invasive Plant Populations Summer 2008
Value of Weed Management for Nature-Based Outdoor Recreation Fall 2010
Victor Alan Ramey Spring 2006
Weed Reads: A Review of Alien Invaders – the Continuing Threat of Exotic Species Spring 1999
Weed Reads: A Review of Biological Control of Weeds – A World Catalogue of Agents and Their Target Weeds Summer 1999
Weed Reads: Ferns of the Tropics Fall 1999
Weed Reads: Invasive Plants: Changing the Landscape of America Fall 1999
Weed Reads: Life Out of Bounds – Bioinvasion in a Borderless World Fall 1999
Weeder’s Digest Winter 1998
Weeds Across Borders Conference IV in Banff, Alberta Fall 2008
Weeds are Still “Weeds” in Paradise Winter 2003
WeedUS Plus Winter 2008
Welcome Mark Garland! Spring 2003
What Katrina and Rita May Send You (other than $3 gas) Winter 2006
What Makes Air Potato Bulbils Sprout? Winter 2007
What role do birds play in dispersal of invasive plants? Summer 2002
What You Learn on the FLEPPC List-Serv Winter-Spring 2012
What’s Up in the Literature? Summer 2001
When is an Acre Infested? Using the FNAI implementation of NAWMA standards to describe invasive plant occurrences Spring 2009
Where’s the Proof? Spring 2002
Which Bostern Fern Is It – The Exotic Nephrolepis cordifolia or the native Nephrolepis exaltata? Fall 1998
Wildland Weeds Index: Winter 1997 Spring 2002 Summer 2002
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Winter 2005 cover Winter 2005
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