Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council - SE-EPPC

established in 1999 as a non-profit regional organization to:

  • raise awareness about the threat posed by invasive exotic pest plants to native plant communities in the Southeast.
  • facilitate communication, dissemination, and the exchange of information concerning research, management and control of invasive exotic pest plants.
  • provide a forum for all interested parties to participate in meetings, workshops, and annual symposia as a regional organization and through its state chapters.
  • serve as an educational, advisory, and technical support council on all aspects of invasive exotic pest plant issues.
  • initiate campaign actions to prevent future introductions and the spread of invasive exotic pest plants in the Southeast.

As a 501c3 non-profit organization SE-EPPC is able to accomplish its goals through the support of its members.  Your membership helps provide the needed resources for SE-EPPC to host annual symposia, workshops, publish the biannual magazine, Wildland Weeds, and print educational brochures to raise awareness about biological pollution.  SE-EPPC appreciates your support and participation.  For more information visit SE-EPPC’s web site at


Membership Application

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Mail completed form and check (made payable to SE-EPPC) to:

Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council
Lee Patrick
PO Box 50556
Nashville, TN 37205
Fax: (615) 385-4124