Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

Dioscorea bulbifera - Wildland Weeds Articles
Title Issue
Biological Control for Air Potato Has Arrived! Spring 2014
City of Sanibel Air Potato Exchange Day Summer-Fall 2011
Tame Your Exotic Side – Plant Native! Spring 2010
Great Air Potato Roundup Great for Gainesville Spring 2008
What Makes Air Potato Bulbils Sprout? Winter 2007
Gainesville’s Great Air Potato Round Up Fall 2006
Air Potatoes Run Rampant Fall 2004
Control of Regrowth from Air Potato (Dioscorea bulbifera L.) Bulbils Summer 2003
Air Potato Eradication Project Winter 2003
Origin of Air Potato Identified Winter 2003
The 3rd Annual Great Air Potato Roundup Fall 2002
The Great Air Potato Round Up Summer 2000
Analysis of D. bulbifera, the Invasive Air Potato (Abstract-1999 FLEPPC Symposium) Fall 1999
Diagnosis: Dioscorea Winter 1998