Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council Invasive Plant Manual


SE-EPPC Invasive Plant Manual was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the US Fish and Wildlife Service Asheville Regional Office and the North Carolina Botanical Gardens, Chapel Hill, S.C. Special thanks to Kristine Johnson, Great Smoky Mountain National Park (chair) of the publication subcommittee, Johnny Randall, North Carolina Botanical Gardens, and Hilary Vinson, USFWS. Contributions to the SE-EPPC manual were made by:

Webmaster: Chuck Bargeron, design and web editing
Author: Tom Remaley, text
Line drawings: Thomas Brown

SE-EPPC is volunteer organization, everyone's time and effort is greatly appreciated. SE-EPPC appreciates and acknowledges the work of TN-IPC.

TN-IPC manual was made possible by: Researchers and writers: Judith Bartlow (TVA), Kristine Johnson (NPS), Melodie Kertis (NPS), Thomas Remaley (NPS), Susan Ross (NPS), Elizabeth Simet (NPS), Terri Smith (TVA), Dana Soehn (NPS), Glenn Taylor (NPS). Contents reviewers: Leon Bates (TVA retired), Brian Bowen (TDEC), Margret Brown (Brevard College), Leo Collins (TVA), Melinda McCoy (Garden Clubs of America), Larry Nash (US Corps of Engineers), Lee Patrick (Warner Park Nature Center), Janet Rock (NPS), Andrea Shea (TDEC), and Terri Smith (TVA). Technical editors: Ellen Bean (TVA) and Linnea McClellan. Publication specialists: Coralie Bloom and Steve Kemp, both with the Great Smoky Mountains Natural History Association. Artwork: Nancy O'Hare

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