Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

OVERVIEW AND STATUS OF CONSOLIDATED INVASIVE PLANT WEB MAPPING. Pamela J. Nabors1,2, Brandon L. League1,3, Wolf N. Naegeli1,3, Jeremy P. Floyd1,3, Matthew J. Durnin1,3, Farial Shahnaz1,4, 1 Southern Appalachian Information Node of the National Biological Information Infrastructure, 2 Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville 3 University of Tennessee, Knoxville 4 Information International Associates, Inc., Oak Ridge. (


The mission of the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) is to provide increased access to data and information on our nation's biological resources. The NBII Southern Appalachian Information Node (SAIN) is working to consolidate regional invasive plant locational data and make them available on the world wide web. This includes hosting datasets from federal agencies, ecologists, and volunteers in a geographic information system (GIS) and making them accessible through an on-line database and interactive web mapping applications. Users can visit for more information about NBII-SAIN and for more information on their invasive plant projects.

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