Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

In December 2018 at the Innovations in Invasive Species Management Conference and Workshop held in Nashville, TN, the SE-EPPC board of directors met for their last annual board meeting. The board unanimously agreed to dissolve the organization and divide the remainder of the SE-EPPC treasury equally among the seven state chapters after adequate time to achieve independent tax-exempt status (for a full report, view the minutes here). In December 2020, funds remaining in the SE-EPPC bank account were split equally among all chapters (with the exception of SC-EPPC which was inactive and unable to accept funds). The SE-EPPC website will remain active in order to maintain links to chapter websites.The SE-EPPC list-serve will remain active for the time being.

This decision should be viewed as a success. A goal of creating the regional organization in 1999 was to foster development of a network of state Exotic Pest Plant Councils (EPPCs) and that was accomplished with the establishment of 8 state chapters. And, as Joyce Bender commented, "After 20 years, we're no longer the only ones talking about invasive plants." The incredible workload and time constraints put on invasive plant management personnel prevented the time and energy necessary to sustain a regional organization. The energy resides with the state chapters and we wish them all the best.

Karen Brown
SE-EPPC President (Retired)

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